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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Last week was national delurking week and I missed it. I had intentions of snagging an icon and writing a post inviting my readership to delurk but life got in the way. Oh well lol.

Josiah left today for a 3 day school trip, that i completley spaced out til last nite when he mentions what time he has to be there this morning. Um ... yeah have you packed yet? So a little mad scramble to make sure he had all his stuff and he was off early this morning. Its a winter camping type trip but they are staying in cabins, doing skiing, snowshoeing, survival classes etc. He was really looked forward to it and well lets just say his sister isnt too sad to see him gone for a few days lol.

The dynamics of the house always change with just one gone, somtimes it brings more fights but more often it brings more peace. It doesnt always have to be the same one either, they all bring their stubborness to the mix!

Doing a video series with a group from our church, called love and respect. While im not too keen on video series, it seems to have some good concepts. And already has fostered some good discussions. I think we have stumbled across some of these concepts in our marriage as we went along, so its not all new to us. The exact phrasing and implenting some of it maybe though, will have to see. As with any marriage though, always room for improvement, so hopefully this will make our awesome marriage even better! We are coming up on 14 years together, which just seems like a long time, a good long ... but it seems a bit unreal that we have been together that long already! The man of the hour, is actually taking me out on a date tonite. Not sure if we will do anything exciting, as funding is limited, but we will be together and its a dedicated time for us.

Andrew is doing better, still gets tired out easily though. He made it thru a half day yesterday before just feeling beat... so he has it scheduled to do half days all this week. After having him home early yesterday, it just illustrated how much I miss his old schedule, where he was home by 4 each night. He cooked supper, woohoo, nice break for me and yummy chili to boot. Next week will bring return to him getting home late again but ive determined Im going to enjoy his early nights this week :)

Thats all for now folks,


  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger geoclark1 said…

    I am outing myself as a closet lurker. Glad to hear #9 is doing well. Thanks for posting Marie you often lift the Spirit.


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