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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Morning all

We had a great time last night. Went to this neat rennovated budget theatre(think we found a good replacment for the one we loved in the cities) and watched santa claus 3. Despite the kids attempts to derail our dates, we managed to have a good time. The movie was funny, although the repeated narcing calls to our cell phone from some of the boys was well ... just a tad bit annoying.

We then hit shopko and did some clearance bargain hunting. I was wishing we had more extra cash, they had a lot of good deals including a leather jacket that my darling looked drop dead gorgeous in! Came home with the few steals we grabbed. This is one of the things i miss from the cities, we used to go bargain hunting a lot, at the big box stores or savers and it was always fun to find the great deals. A lot of times we'd stop by kmart on our way home from chuch on sundays, some weeks we didnt buy anything but it was a common occurance for our family. Now we walk thru the cemetary on the way home from church :) I do enjoy having a closer church though. Its just not as convienent for those misc shopping trips, probably good for our budget though!

We ended the night watching a movie together at home, which although it was late when we finished, was enjoyable.

I hope we can steal away more dates like that! The theatre was very reasonably priced, not only on tickets(3.50) but on snacks as well. Definitely will be back with the kids too!

Well thats all for now folks, have a great thursday!


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