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Friday, December 15, 2006

Its a

Baby dragon lol! Okay really its not but probably could be related to the dragon . :)

Its a boy! The ultrasound tech was pretty darn confident and Im futher along (21 weeks) than i have with previous ultrasounds and kids. So that will make 6 boys and 3 girls. Apparently God thinks we can handle the testerone, as for me well after 4 boys in a row, I can probably handle one more!

Poor katarina, though, shes like whatever will I tell my friends, I cant tell them i have 6 gasp brothers!

Now on to the naming challenge. Current one in the running is Gideon, but who knows that might change!

God is good .. .all the time! Praising him in all his glory for a healthy baby. The ultrasound looked great!


  • At 11:54 PM, Blogger Angi said…

    I love the name Gideon. It fits with the rest of your kids names too!

    Congrats on more blue... although I guess more pink in the house would have been nice too... but you know me, I have to root for the blue. lol.


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