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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursdays thoughts

Lots going on, not much blogging though. Just really havent felt much like writing, thus time goes by.

Have my prenatal appt today, Im 33 weeks now, only 7 more to go! Andrew thinks he might show up early but I always hope for that and rarely get that. Soo we will see. I just hope he goes head down so we dont have to do a csection. Doc is supposed to go over last weeks ultrasound results today, so will see how that goes as well.

Kids busy as usual, mostly Katarina. She tried out for a school play recently and we learned of the schools activity fees. In order to be in it, she has to pay 65 dollars. I find that quite steep. I realize in the years of budget cuts, they have had to do something, but it seems wrong to have to pay to be in a school play, especially such a high amount. I could swallow activity fees of 20 or somthing but 65 just really seems prohibitively expensive. She might not be able to do it, not just cause of the fee, but mostly cause of timing. The performance is smack dab in the middle of my due date for this little guy. So that definitely complicates things.

The rest arent nearly as busy as she seems to be, but they have their own set of meetings and places to be as well. Today I have my prenatal, the school musical and work and thats a full day right there. Not to mention making meals and getting one off to kidnergarten.

Well enough blabbing,


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