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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rounding 2nd base

Its not quite the home stretch ... :) Making really good progress on my goals for this week. I can actually see my basement floor again, so the quest to catch up on laundry is in full swing. Course then that prompts me to my next quest: sorting thru the summer/outgrown clothes. All the stuff that never got put away properly at the end of summer. Which in turn gives me more laundry as Im starting to pull out all the summer clothes and begin the process of putting away winter ones.

Of course living in minnesota, where its been 30 some degrees and snowing today, cant quite just put them all away at once. But we can begin to par down as its mostly been springlike temps in the 50s.

I also brought in the cradle and swing and began the process of washing those up . All in all a good day.

A bonus is that Andrew took off the afternoon for a doc appt and lunch with a friend, so hes home now ... woohoo! Love that!

God is good ... all the time!


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