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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Caught up on laundry

Oh its such a lovely feeling! Yes I know that you are never officially caught up since you have to wear clothing but for all intents and purposes, the laundry is caught up! Praising God!

Yes I still have some odds and ends like pillows and sleeping bags but the main stuff is all done cept for what people wore today. Which if we start counting:1 pr socks, 1 undewear. 1 shirt, 1 pants. That isnt even counting any misc pieces or the fact katarina wore two shirts to school, or handtowels, washclothes etc. We are up to 40 pcs with just that , no wonder I get behind so often.

It only took me 3 days of continually switching over loads well into the evening to dig out from under that pile of dirty! Im so excited, tommorrow will be freed up to go thru more summer/outgrown stuff and pack the kiddos bags. Although Nathaniel packed his literally as soon as he got home from school. Im not sure if its that now that hes on spring break, his backpack was free for packing or what. But 1 out of 8 are done. The big kids can pretty much do their own, and I just have to do the verbal check. So that really only leaves 4 for me to do, not too bad. Oh and my bag with little Gideons cute stuff in.

Obs office calls today. I have an appt late friday afternoon and the induction with my regular doc(not the ob though, hes backup) is on saturday morning. They wanted to reschedule me. Im like okay but ... um Im scheduled to be induced 7 am on saturday morning. They hesitated and said ohhh let me put you on hold lol. It turns out the OB doc is on call that night and they were told to close out his appts at 440 and mine came in at 450, so that would have bumped me. But basically they moved up my ultrasound by 20 minutes and the doc overrode the bumping and have that appt then for 440 rather than 450. So it all worked out. Was slightly amusing.

God is indeed good all the time!


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