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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not long now

Week is already half over and Im close to finishing my goals that I set. I hopefully can get fully caught up on laundry by the end of the week. Which provided the kids dont go crazy while Im gone, should leave me in good shape. They will all be out of the house from friday night til saturday night at least, some a little longer yet even.

Which leaves andrew and I , a rare night alone together. Im excited, that is such a blessing to have the evening before we go in for induction. As our lives prepare to add another person, God gives us some much needed time together, and for that Im very thankful.

Only thing that I really need to get done, is to pack bags, so hopefully I can work on that today or tommorrow for sure. My bedroom is done, cradle is almost up. Andrew got the piece he needed, discovered two more screws for another part were missing. Oh well eventually it will get put up. The cradle bed itself is ready, washed up the sheet, and got the blanket in there and all that jazz. Swing is ready to go as well, now if I can just keep the children out of it that are much much too big for it.

I guess there was one more thing that I wanted done was to have all the summer/outgrown clothing sorted and or washed. But that is something extra, that if its not done, wont really be a big deal. And I have made some progress on it, went thru 2 tubs yesterday.

God is good ... all the time!


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