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Monday, April 02, 2007

5 more days

Im starting to get excited to meet little Gideon, although with that, comes the realization that I have to go thru labor. That is not so exciting ... if only we had a fast foward to the end result which is definitely worth it.

But as you cant skip pregnancy, you cant skip labor either. Im just praying God allows me a fairly quick labor and as painfree as we are allowed lol.

Childcare is coming together really well, almost everyone is placed and I have some backups in place as well. God is indeed good ... for he worked out the details!` Now the only detail for saturday left is to find someone to let the dog out. Im postive God will provide that person as well though.

Working on laundry, trying to get caught up before I have to spend two days in the hospital. That and organizing areas. I still need to clean my bedroom, get the cradle up(as soon as andrew gets the last screw for it), pack the kids bags, my bag, hopefully get to the library to get a book and well ... sleep lol.

The carseat has been washed up and put back together. I guess I still need to bring the swing in to wash it, but most of the clothing is in the dresser in our room. I just need to pack his things :)

God is good ... all the time!


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