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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Somewhat different

We have had scheduled inductions before, but it wasnt generally decided until I was past my due date. So this 3 weeks early is a whole new ballgame. It does feel weird though to realize today is our last saturday as a family of 10, that next saturday our new addition should be here!

Im getting used to the idea that we are inducing in less than a week now and feel much calmer bout the prospect. I think it was the intial shock causing much of the panic. We seem to have mostly everything we need. i picked up another pkg of newborn diapers, a blanket, and one more sleeper. i found a few more clothing items and a blanket at todays rummage sale.

Im sure there is something i forgot, but I did remember nursing pads and the like, balmex and diaper. I already have some diapers and some wipes.

Well since my yawns are comign more frequently than the typing, ill end here.


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