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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Real Chocolate Chip Cookie"

The middle boys (Nathaniel and Zechariah) wanted to make cookies for a few days now. Nathaniel, wanted to make them bad enough, he was willing to load the dishwasher and wash the countertop. Now thats some motivation!

They had to find a recipe, find the ingrediants and all the supplies. They found a chocolate peanut butter chip recipe that we had most of the ingredients for. They orginally had thought they would go without hte chips but I had to run to the store for vanilla anyway. They proclaimed they wanted chocolate chips instead, so i bought that.

Zechariah says "Finally real chocolate chip cookies" ;I suppose as opposed to you know fake chocolate chip cookies. I think he was referencing the whiteness of regular choc chip cookies. They did pretty good, needed my help for some measuring and mixing. there was a slight panic when the cocoa ran out, thankfully another container was waiting in the cupboard. Since of course, the recipe had to be doubled! 60 cookies would never be enough. Although when it came to putting the cookies on teh trays, it seemed they were either baking for giants or hobbits.

The final resul: pretty darn tasty cookies!



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