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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Gods provisions

Im continually amazed but not surprised at how God continues to provide for us. From a freezer to a piano to food on our table.

We really didnt have much money for food this period, in fact we took some of our ultlity money to get food. Even that wasnt much. We had some and I was determined to use what i had, regardless of whether it was going to fit in the weight watcher points or be less carbs for andrew. Because it was food that God had provided before.

I also started thanking God every time I went to prepare and serve a meal. We pray as a family before we eat but this was different. I wanted to acknowledge that God made sure we were eating that day.

I had shared with my moms group, a struggle I was having. I knew that nathaniel was having a friend for a 2 day sleepover coming from a distance away. The mom and her kids have been known in the past to "overstay" their welcome. Quite often inviting themselves to dinner etc. Sometimes i have invited them. So I was feeling very stingly and not generous.I shared how i was not looking forward to her coming to pick up her son, and she likely was going to end up there for supper. I knew that wasnt the right attitude. So I wanted help in being genourous, as I m trying to remember Im modeling God in my behaviors and attitude. She already was going to be driving her son an hour, to stay here with my son for a sleepover playdate, its not unreasonable for her to stay awhile.

Twice now this week, people have brought us food. One brought meat, flour, beans, rice, peanut butter, well above and beyond anything I had t hought of. Another brought two big packages of chix. It all makes me just want to cry.

My utlity bill still isnt paid but Im trusting that God will help us with that too. Whether he provides us the money to pay it or provides favor with them for an extension. The God we serve is amazing.

He also provided thru my aunt and uncle, Andrew and I now have matching rollar blades. Totally a want, not even a need! Katarina also got a big bag of my cousins clothes, so now she has some new school clothes for school. My friend sent me a box of clothes for Gideon. Im still im amazment somtimes in how God chooses to answer our needs.

We also have been praying for a piano for a year now. Totally something that really is a want. But our kids, several of them, really enjoy playing and missed having a piano. And God provided one, free, Praising him in all his glory!

I didnt expect him to necessarily provide food, maybe I thought h e would stretch what we had. Sorta like the provisions in the bible somtimes just didnt run out. I praise him for what he has given us. May we sometime be as able to bless others in the way we have been blessed.

God is good ... all the time!


  • At 9:43 AM, Blogger Baggage said…

    That is wonderful. I would love to have a piano..I had one growing up and loved it.

    I don't know if I believe in God, but when things like that happen, it certainly helps to increase my belief. Just small miracles.


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