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Monday, July 09, 2007

Something is up with the title bar on this particular template. I noticed on a another blog I read, that the title piece wasnt working there either.

Anyway, the two eldest children are off on their trips. Katarina should be in pennsylvania today and Josiah should be on day 1 of boy scout camp. Cant wait to hear about all their adventures.

It was pretty cute and a little sad today when Ezekiel heard a door shut and goes running yelling "Katarina and Josiah are home". Broke my heart to have to tell him no, they wont be home for many days yet.

The dynamic is certainely different. Zechariah is playing more with Elijah when he tends to play more with Josiah when hes here. Ariana was out of options as to who to blame for the messy bedroom (she shares with K). The middle boys all played together during quietime, so that was a nice change of pace.

I do miss having an extra set of hands to hold the baby as Im trying to get supper ready or finishing up a task.

Nathaniel did a good job taking Zemirah out to play today, somthing he normally balks and fusses at even the mention of. I suppose it was more on his terms, he swang with her and made castles in the sandbox for her to destroy!

Well chaos is ensueing , so i must end!


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