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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amazing what 1 day difference makes

Yesterday at this time, I was flying high, supper plans made, house in order, in a good mood etc. Had made it to the park and the library.

Today, well at least this afternoon, I feel barely able to hold it together. Morning was great though, had a new mom at moms group today and I enjoyed the fellowship. But this afternoon, not so much. I didnt get a nap , or even a good quiet time b efore Gideon got up. By the time he went down again, Zemirah was up, boys were crazy and the opportunity for rest had long passed.

I had Elijah begging to play a game with me, Ariana right on his heels and Im feeling like I cant keep my eyes open. I did manage to play yahtzee with him but then all heck broke loose. Gideon was upset screaming, Zemirah needed to go potty, Nathaniel came home with a good size injury and we were short 5 cups of flour for the boys recipe. Soo ... I got nathaniel soaking his toe, dealing with injuries and this child take all of emotional and physical energies. He hates it being touched, looked at, even breathed near. So trying to even evaluate if it needs doctor assistence requires super human strength.

Eventually we get it bandaged up. He wore sandals while biking and lets just say his toe met the road with some resistence. It was a good size wound too.

Things did calm down, the cookies eventually got made(thanks to the help of Gina, Thanks Gina) and the mess cleaned up. But im exhausted and bout ready to collapse. Cooking and supper seem like mountainous tasks before me right now but as always I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.



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