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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Definite Date

Yesterday, Dr. woods office called with a definite date in an earlier timeslot. So his appt with him will be august 28th at 11 am. Prayers are definitely welcome, as we begin this journey trying to figure out whats wrong.

I can definitely see Gods hand in leading us to Dr. Wood. It just so happened that our NICU doc(the one i loved) worked with dr wood or knew of his speciality in working with extremities. So he saw Gideon in regards to his swollen foot(which is somewhat better but not normal yet). It just so happens that dr wood also works with plastic/craniofacial things. How providential now , that we have him as a doctor already for Gideon, as we are dealing with head abnomalities. Im praising God for his foresight in putting this all together.

I can see Gods hand thruout the whole time here with Gideon. I think back to his birth, when a prayer warrior from our church asked to be at the hospital praying during the induction. Never had someone ask to do that before, felt strange, but I welcomed the prayer. Looking back,it was amazing to know that God knew we needed that extra strength, extra prayer and extra support that day. So he prompted Mary to be there and Im very thankful for that.

During the week after his birth, we were shown Gods love thru so many people. From someone paying for our car repair, to an unexpected check in the mail, to personal support. I cried when one of our good friends showed up at the NICU to visit, especially knowing it had to bring memories back of losing their little one. Voicemails left on our cell phone that uplifted and encouraged me to trudge on. God was there thru it all.

While Im struggling a bit this week, as things get hard and other stresses hit our life, I just know that God is faithful. He has proven time and time again in the past and will do so in the future. He allowed some friends to help us thru some tough financial difficulties and for that I praise him. Its really hard for me not to fret bout the amount of food we have in the house, or the balance in our checking account or the upcoming months with no financial relief in sight but I have to trust that God will be at our side thruout it all. He may not dig us out of the hole we are in, but he will provide for us.

God is good ... all the time, he put this song of praise in this heart of mine.


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