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Thursday, September 20, 2007

thursday thoughts

In a pretty good mood this morning, perhaps getting to bed at a decent hour has somethign to do with that. Although sleep was a bit restless the 2nd half of the night and I think Gideon was up at least twice.

Speaking of Gideon, he now is raising his head at almost a 90 degree angle when on his stomach. I cant believe how excited I am over this new feat. Its such a little thing. He has struggled long and hard to get here, and I celebrate each accomplishment with gusto. Probably more so because it took him more effort to get there. He is such a sweet little guy and his smile warms my heart!

Zemirah has been working on potty training. She actually does fairly well, its not at the point of her telling me she has to go, but she pretty much stays dry. The poop part is taking a bit more, but there is some sucesses on that front too! She pretty much has most of her siblings wrapped round her little finger. The older ones tend to dote on her, she generally has a really sweet spirit and lives up to her name, meaning song of joy. Underneath that though is a feistiness. She can take Ezekiel down like its nothing. Definitely is a talker though, at age 2, she is speaking in short sentences most of hte time.

Its definitely not quiet here during hte day with just 3 home. Ezekiel and Zemirah seem to fight a lot more than they did this summer with the crew all home. Gideon doesnt really add a lot to the din but sometimes its really loud. Ezekiel has a very active imagination, if he isnt dodging hot lava on the floor, he's rescueing superman. Somtimes Zemirah is playing right along, other times well shes just disrupting his play.

Today Im attacking the laundry monster. Lately it has fought back with a vengence and although I generally get some folded and washed every day, the piles doesnt seem to decrease. For every basket I fold, it seems two more clean ones take its place and the dirty multiplies by a rate of 9 .

Josiah raced on Tuesday night. Im extremely proud of him! He did really well. He raced at crown college(the college his father teaches at parttime). He was able to practice on the course last saturday, so he knew the route. And im pretty sure, having us there to watch him, pumped him up a bit too! Josiah proclaimed to me, he was pretty sure he was making the top 5(top 5 medaled). I thought well thats a bit ambitious, but kept that to myself and encouraged his confidence. He placed 6th!!!! He was one place and only like 2 feet away from medaling. He was really really excited. He did just under a mile, with a hill in 5:15! He was also the first of the junior high lakers to come in that day.

Well thats enough ramblings for the day, God is good ... all the time!


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