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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun with flares

This week I have been dealing with a flareup from my lupus. Previous to this week, Id have occasional joint pain, 2 ibuprofen and Im on my way and it really was more isolated iccidents. This week, I have a constant ache in my wrist joints, enough that only 4 ibuprofen take it away. Thankfully its not acute pain but the constant ache makes me want to massage my wrists constantly.

Taking so much ibuprofen cant be good for me. Google tells me it can lead to kidney damage, hmmm lupus already puts me at risk for that fun effect, soo I really dont need to help that along. So I limit myself to only taking a total of 8 for the day but still I wonder if there isnt a better solution.

I'm going on day 5 of the constant pain, so I would supppose that is considered a flareup. The last times I had a disntict flareups, I finally had to resort to predizone to clear them up. So i will be putting in a call to my regular doc and my rhemologist to see what options they recommend.

While I can function thru the pain, since it isnt acute, it does absolutley nothing for my stellar mood. I find myself snapping at the kids, my temper being much more short and extremely tired. You know when you wake up with the first thought of when can i nap today;you arent in great shape!

Its been an adjustment me having the big kids back in school. The preschooler and toddler fight so much more, and drain my energy much more than they did this summer. I suppose its the syndrome of having more people to distract them this summer rather than just the two of them now. And its hard not really getting any downtime til after 8 pm, since Ezekiel doesnt nap, I am still relegated to his constant stream of imaginative talk and play. Gideon and Zemirah dont always nap at the same time as well. But this too shall pass!

Gotta run, Gideon is calling!
God is good ... all the time


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