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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sleeping in

Sleeping in, isnt what it used to be at all. I did get to sleep til 845 am this morning, a virtual miracle but the kids were very antsy when I got up. They were hungry, boisterous and a bit on edge. I think the stargate marathon last night, which put the oldest 6 in bed at midnight was a tad much.

I digress. Anyway, back to the sleeping in. Its almost, notice I say almost, better to get up a little early ahead of the majority of the kids to get that waking up time. I dont do so well when I have demands put upon me immediately after I wake up. I need to start the coffee,"wake up" , use the bathroom, and generally just get my head together. I knew they were all hungry, so I tried to cut them slack too this morning.

Add to the fun of the morning was that the TV attenna seemed to be getting a decent signal today, thus ensueing many fights over saturday morning cartoons. Lately the boys havent watched much, so Katarina has had some free reign over programming. She was feeling a bit entitled this morning, to her normal lineup of watching. Her bubble was soon deflated and she didnt like it one bit. My request to let the boys watch their half hour of superheroes means she misses out of 1 of 2 episodes of Thats so Raven. Apparently she "needs" to watch both! Reality bites when you are 13, I guess!.

All of this is starting to make me glad we dont have access to regular tv all the time. The channels that do come in, are rather fuzzy and cant get many of them. The downstairs tv isnt even hooked up to the attenna so its really only used for movie watching. Thus the only option for TV, is the little one in our room. I dont think Ive watched regular tv in months. Its not as convienent having it in our room and I prefer the living room for hanging out.

Andrew is teaching this morning. Josiah went with him, to practice running on the cross country course. Josiah will have a meet there at the college , this upcoming Tuesday, so he wanted to practice. He sure picked a cold day to run! More good news on the college front, we found out he will teach another section of Intro to computers this coming january. It wont be a full check, since those are just 1 credit courses but every little bit helps. God is indeed good ... all the time!



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