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Friday, September 14, 2007

Life as i know it

You would think the kids would learn, that after consquences 3 days in a row, not to do the said offense. Nope, in my room of all places, watching television before chores are done. It sounds innocent enough but this has been drilled into them time and time again, before any free time activities, chores must be done. It flies in the face of everything they have been taught.

Maybe Im just a little feisty this morning!

I did get Gideon into the doctor yesterday afternoon. It is indeed a hernia but she indicated that she would like him to get bigger and stronger before having to undergo surgery. So we watch for the warning signs, and if those occur take him right into ER, otherwise just wait for now. The doctor also addressed his weight, she agreed with me that the nurse was way off in the calculations of percentile(the last one told me 75%), its really around 35%. So the plan is right now to wake him up(ugh) around when i go to bed, since he goes to bed 2 hrs earlier and nurse him one more time. She also said I could try adding cereal after the last feeding to see if that would help him bulk up, but said he really doesnt "need" it.

We go back for a weight check in two weeks, developmental specialist appt (sept 25) and then his 6 month checkup (oct 9).

Andrew also got his first jury duty notice. Hes supposed to report on sept 25 but it says to call in to verify before arriving. The timeframe is like an hour before he is due to report. Well thats complicates things, since he works an hour away. He doesnt want to take the day off if he doesnt have to report. Gotta love that.

Wednesday, I took out a package of chix from the freezer, leaving only 1 left. I prayed that God would somehow miraculously increase the amount of chix left. Knowing he could really do it(think 5 fishes and loaves) but partly thinking that God doesnt generally work that way. Well yesterday the chix multiplied. Seriously! Not in that I know have more packages of chix in the freezer overnight but yesterday some of our church family came by with groceries. In that , was 3 packages fo chicken! Talk bout answered prayer. They also brought us some much appreciated cereal and milk and a few other goodies. God is soo ... good !~



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