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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bug Hijinks

The two littles were downstairs watching a movie and all of a sudden, I heard a commotion. Both of them were screaming and fussing. I figured by the amount of fuss, they were fighting over something, so I prepared myself to sort this all out.

Oh no, it was much more nefarious than that. The cause of all the waling and screaming -- a bug! One,Im told with many legs and very scary. So I calmed them the best I could and went downstairs to deal with this bug. Ezekiel helpfully gave me an oatmeal container with a lid to capture it. I didnt notice til i got downstairs, it had no bottom. Perfect for capturing wicked bugs lol! I could not find the source of this crime, no bugs in sight anywhere on the floor. I managed to convince ezekiel to resume watching the movie, as long as he was on the couch.

Zemirah on the other hand was still really scared, almost paralyzed with fear. She was convinced it was on her leg or foot and took much more calming. I remembered a trick we had to use when katarina, Josiah , Nathaniel and Zechariah were little. I had read somewhere that you cant convince kids that there arent monsters under the bed. They have created such a state in their mind, they cant comprehend adult logic. So Bobs monster jail was created. Anytime they were afraid of monsters, Id come up and wave my hand a certain way and the monsters got put into bobs monster jail. It helped them feel a bit less afraid and that they were safe. Its similar to the concept of monster go away spray, where you spray air fresherner or just plain water to scare them away.

So today Bobs bug jail was reborn and the bug is now safely enscounceed in jail. She seems calmer at least for now.

The fun we have around here!



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