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Monday, February 25, 2008

Not quite as expected

The morning started out rough.

Even Andrew and I had a hard time getting out of bed,and hit the snooze alarm several times. Katarina had indicated to get her up at 530 am, so she had time to go let out her dogsitting charge and take a shower before school. Somewhere betweeen when she told me that at bedtime last night and this morning, she changed her mind. In her brain, she wasnt getting up til 7 and just about anything wasnt budging her. Mornings like this are enough to wish back for toddler days. You realize that at least you can pick up toddlers and move them where you need them to go. 14 yr olds just arent as moveable.

Had to resort to ice, water dripping and some yelling. Which meanwhile woke up half the other kids ... grrr! Finally got her up and andrew dropped her off before he went to work. Proceeded to go about the morning, instructing kids to find socks, brush hair, find backpacks etc. I did briefly notice the fog out the window but well frankly didnt think anything more about it.

So the eldest two are out for the bus, waiting, and some gentlemen stopped by and informed them it was a 2 hr late start! Talk about ironic. Had i checked that earlier, I could have waited to wake up katarina, she would have had plenty of time to get over to the dogsitting house. The other kids could have slept in etc. Oh well .. at least the kids had some free time this morning.

Some of them watched some TV, Katarina went back to bed, couple of boys played magic and Nathaniel spent some time cleaning the garage.

It threw off my morning as well. I had planned on really hitting the housework and laundry hard today. This is the week, that I have 3 therapy appts for Gideon in minneapolis and wont have the majority of my days home this week. So i wanted to plan and cook some meals ahead of time and other things like that. I can still do it, it just wont be as early of a start as i wanted. I cant say im all that upset though, sitting with the kids and drinking my coffee while eating a leisurely breakfast was nice. Gideon is still up anyway, so once he goes down for a nap, I can really hit the days activities. Although I have tried twice already to put him down this morning and well lets just say he is in a mood!

Bonus though , I may have time for a shower before the middle kids leave!

God is good ... all the time


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