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Monday, April 28, 2008

Recouperation from the weekend

It wasnt all that busy. We did some extreme rummage saling in the snow and cold on Saturday. It actually was kinda fun although very chilly for end of april weather. Found some good deals and enjoyed the bargain hunting.

It just seems mondays, I find myself extremely exhausted. Maybe its just getting into the swing of the week, not really sure though. Didnt help that I really didnt fell well all of today.

Its Andrews long day today. He starts another graduate class this evening but this one is on campus. And it seems much easier given that its only one class at a time! Its on organizational communication, and communication is one of andrews strengths, so all in all not too bad for him.

Josiah has a track meet tonite. He was supposed to call me with where it was at, but never did. So I wont get to cheer him on in person. Bummer.

Andrews interview at the bank, got pushed back til wednesday. He looked really sharp this morning. It orginally was scheduled for today. The other interview for another job more locally will take place friday morning.

Our 15th wedding anniversary is this week. Im hoping to do some farming out of the kids this weekend so we can have some time together. I imagine we might just sleep lol!

God is good ... all the time


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