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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whirlwind of a week

Pretty busy week, with babysitting, doctor appts, field trips, track meets, ultrasound and job negotations.
It is fast catching up with me, I am exhausted. Very much looking forward to tommorrow where i have nothing specifically that "has" to be gone to tommorrow. Id like to take the little ones out in the stroller and do some rummage saling but thats at my discretion. And well of course there is the resident housework that is fast multiplying during the time in which I have been gone this week.

Our world is a bit shaken up right now. Andrew is in the process of switching jobs and negotiating the final details. I think it will be a really good change for our family as he will be losing the commute. Details to come as it finalizes but God is awesome! The timing is amazing just as gas prices are really starting to go thru the roof, God comes thru with this offer. I know I shouldnt be surprised at his provisions but I am taken aback at his goodness to us.

Gideon also was diagnosed with cerebral palsy this week at the developmental doctor appt. I must say I wasnt expecting this one. He has improved so much in skill and development(although it needs refining for sure) that I was all pumped to show him off. And while the doc was really pleased with his progress and how far hes come, his muscle tone issues are still there as much as they ever were. Thus the diagnosis, she had waited this far to see if the muscle tone would change but it didnt.

Exactly what this means, we dont know.

What we do know is that we still love Gideon just as he is and that God is not shaken off the throne with this diagnosis.

There is a broad range of disablities with this disease. For example intellgience ranges from normal/above normal to learning disablities to mental retardation. We wont know the range of that for a long time. Some kids cannot even walk but I suspect Gideon will as hes already walking around furniture, just needs some extra stablity in his legs as he has low tone there. The one thing that we do know is that the muscle tone does not improve nor does it get worse. So where he has low tone now, will always be low and where its high, it will stay high. There are physical therapies and occupation therapies that can help him adjust to life but it will not change the tone issue.

Im in the process of reading a book the doc has given me and absorbing as much as I can. Then we will begin figuring out how best we can help him, what therapies are worth doing, how many we can tolerate without it being too much, etc.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated as we go thru this time period of our lives. God does like to shake things up now and then.

God is good ... all the time


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