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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Somehow you always think that the weekend will bring the rest you desire. It never seems to work quite that way.

Friday was a trip to walmart, picking up Josiah from practice and then running kiddos to a bonfire. Saturday brought a citywide garage sale that most people from towns around here look forward to. It was fun but exhausting too! My favorite deal was some promotional glass garfield mugs. I got 8 of the mugs for 3 bucks, pretty good deal.

Then two of the boys had friends sleep over saturday night and they attended church with us this morning. One of my own was off at a friends birthday sleepover as well.

Sunday , other than church hasnt been as busy. My exhaustion though has magnified. Andrew took Elijah off to spend his birthday money, so he enjoyed that.

I discovered after Gideons nap that he had developed a fever. When I got him out of bed, i thought he felt warm. I, at first, chalked it up to the warm day outside and the fact he slept in pants. After I took his temperature though, I quickly figured out something is up. I felt bad though, that the other kids in nursery got exposed to whatever he has going down but he really was just fine this morning. And at this point, he doesnt have any other symptoms.

This weeks brings two CC meets, a football game, two days of therapy for Gideon, a prenatal appt, plus various practices and the like.

Well bout to start family night, gotta run


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