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Monday, October 27, 2008

No baby yet

Not that I really expected her to come this weekend but Ive been surprised before. Now it will be trying to figure how to schedule the induction on a very busy week for everyone. Im thinking of moving my prenatal appt up a day or two, to maybe then schedule the induction a day or two earlier if the doc will let me.

Its crazy week at work for andrew, they are deploying the new phone system and next monday is move in date for their new building. So there really isnt any good days for this to happen. Plus Katarina, my eldest and one of my biggest helpers is super busy this weekend too, so she will be gone. Some of the people I lined up to do childcare are out of town this week and weekend, so its just challenging all around.

If we put it off til next week, Andrew is just as busy at work with the new building move and Katarinas birthday is wednesday. For her sake, Id like to keep the babies birthday a couple of days away from that. And childcare is still challenging, as one person will be back, but another one unavailable then, so its not much better on that front either. Plus the kids are off school monday as well, which is more challenging as well. Never mind the fact that Im already miserable and uncomfortable and more than ready for this baby to be born. Sigh ... no good options really.

I was really hoping she would be born last week. I had told Katarina that she could go on this trip this weekend, really expecting that the babe would have been born by now. I wont back out on her now but it doesnt work in my favor for sure.

Well ... I know this regardless God is good ... all the time!



  • At 12:33 PM, Blogger Mommykendra said…

    Totally don't think it's fair that I found out I was pregnant before you, that my due date got pushed back (well, with me requesting it to be), yours got pushed forward and your baby will probably almost be a month old before mine even thinks about coming--LOL.

    Just kidding. The end is in sight.

  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger MJ said…

    Sorry K -- I felt bad last time too for my sil, she was prego before me and i had Gideon like two weeks before she had Bionca. Especially cause i was due after her as well. Maybe this one will be a little early, still safe, but a little early for ya!


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