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Monday, October 27, 2008

Whew ... feel a bit better

This morning was full of stress and nerves.

We have a banking issue where somebody fraudently used my husbands paypal to charge like 1300 dollars of charge to our account. Thankfully it looks like we wont be responsible for it all, but it is a headache for sure. As of now, we wont have to freeze the whole account but we are ready if anything else goes wonky.

Then I found out the hotel we were going to stay at, all of a sudden said we couldnt stay there over xmas since they wont have staff. They previously had said twice before it was okay and just fine. That really stressed me out. Finally found out at lunchtime that yes we can stay, but have to be aware there wont be services those two days. Fine we understand that. The bummer is the night we were going to extend, is now booked ... sigh... Oh well, we will continue with our plans and either stay that night in somplace like lacrosse or madison or somthing. Maybe we will even sneak in a night at cranberry lodge. Hmm thats a thought.

I did decide to move up my prenatal appt to tommorrow. That in itself was a huge relief, it just gives me an earlier date to get a timeline on this induction. Even if the doc wont let me induce earlier in the week, it will still give me a better idea of when and how and all that jazz. This not having things figured out as far as childcare for the little kids, and andrews work schedule and the whole nine yards is really frazzling my brain. Plus I talked wiht my favorite nurse, double checked that she thought moving up the appt was fine and talked bout maybe inducing wednesday. She thought it was perfectly reasonable to move the appt up and that she thought the doc would be likely to induce on wednesday. Whew thats a huge relief! I just feel better all around, having the appt tommorrow to get things figured out.

Now i will make some preemptive phone calls and figure out who would be available even for just a day or two to help with childcare. Its a little easier to find people for a scheduled time, rather than just a time in the future.

God is good ... all the time!


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