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Friday, October 24, 2008


My last 4 babies have been induced in some fashion. Ariana was a week overdue, so they used the prostagladin gel. Ezekiel was 2 days overdue(I was very thankful for a doc that didnt make me wait long) and they broke the water. Zemirah had the membranes stripped and Gideon was a full induction with pitocin. So the chances of this babe coming on her own probably are slimmer. Still can happen, God can do anything, but at this point Im just not expecting it anymore. Im resigning myself to the liklihood that we will likely schedule an induction for next friday or monday. So im going about the week, just trying to ignore most of the contractions, as much as i can. It has helped somewhat, otherwise I find myself getting really down and disapointed that nothing seems to be taking.

I really should have been thinking with this mindset in the first place. I allowed myself though to get caught up in the excitement 0f preparing for the baby.

So today I just continued on with operation reduce laundry pile and finished a book. So it was much more relaxed. The dishes were caught up, I have a good handle on laundry, most of hte house was at least somewhat picked up.

Now Im on to operation distract me :) Thinking bout hitting the budget theatre tonite or this weekend.

God is good ... all the time


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