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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa came early

Since we are traveling over the Christmas holiday to visit family and vacation, Santa came early to our house last nite. It was a late night sending out presents and filling stockings, since we had Andrews holiday work party that evening.

This year, with our travel plans, we elected to not set up our artifical tree or buy one. Instead we bought a very small pine tree plant and placed it on our fireplace mantal. It was sorta fun having an itty bitty tree! Then we placed the presnts all around the fireplace under the mantel. With 10 kids, even buying them only a few presents each, it still looks like we bought out a toy store!

Since the kids were not expecting christmas today, no one was up bright and early. I was thankful for that, considering I hit the bed at 2 am! A few boys were up at 7 and eventually started waking the others up. The excitement was certainly up then! The little kids could barely wait.

Overall everyone seemed happy with their presents. A bit of disapointment for one of the boys as his got somthing he really had wanted. After awhile though, he warmed up to checking out the stuff he did get and really want as well.

I got a favorite christmas cartoon, the grinch who stole Christmas. So we watched that after opening presnts. Also an old fashioned can opener. Cant wait to try out that on our big institutional size cans. The regular ones just dont cut it and stop working right after a short while. Nathaniel spent his hard earned money and bought me a sweet card and a bag of my very favorite mint truffles. It was really really sweet especially since I know hes saving his money to buy a video game system. Katarina also found me a christmas village piece too, very nice.

Its snowing pretty heavy today, supposedly an inch an hour. So we are now enjoying watching the kids play(after all the unpackaging and putting together was done). Its nice day to be snowed in and not have anywhere to go!

I plan on doing some laundry in prep for our trip.

Have a Merry Christmas, May you find the love of Jesus this holiday season


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