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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Two milestones in one day

Zemirah rolled over for the first time this weekend and hasnt stopped since. Although she is my 8th child, it doesnt seem to get old, I feel just as excited as I did when my eldest hit this milestone. Its fun to see all the new connections she is making lately, grasping toys and figuring out how to get them to her mouth, making new sounds and laughing. We can now add rolling to that list.

She managed to hit one other important milestone:she fell off the couch! No worse for the wear, thankfully but the fun times have begun.

Today is Arianas 5th birthday. It seems surreal that she has reached kidnergarten age. She still is such a petite little girl(although she is tall) that I still often think of her as my baby girl. She was a welcome surprise after 4 boys in a row and continues to be our mischievous one. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Off to get ready for the party today.


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