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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mixed Bag

Woke up in a fairly good mood and a fairly relaxing time getting him off to work.

Then I discovered the dog isnt doing so well, hes not walking at all. I think his hip dysplasia is bothering him b ig time. I noticed he has been laying down more lately but thought maybe he was just tired or that the kids werent playing with him enough. But obviously its more than that. So just trying to make him comfortable i guess.

Went off to my work evaluation, surpringly good, boss realy didnt have much negative to say at all and she seemed to enjoy me working there. So that was good.

A bit more tired this afternoon, so resting here a bit with ezekiel. The afternoons are nice with Zemirah sleepign and ariana off to school, its usually just the two of us. Sometimes we nap, sometimes we chat and sometimes we even play lol.All day yesterday, had a desire to read the Bible, for those of you who know me, thats definitely an unusual thing, as i much prefer fiction. So with andrew off teaching last night, i drew a hot bath and pulled it open. I decided to read Ephesians, since Pastor Tom is there currently preaching. I seriously think Paul was way too wordy in some spots but what do i know lol. Actually this is the first time I think ive read an entire book of the bible, maybe i have read a full book before and dont remember it though. So going to run with this while it lasts. I found some interesing proverbs last night, will probably post some here eventually.

Have our video series growth group tonite. Sorta looking forward to it , sorta not. We have lots to get done this week and it does feel like one more thing piled on but on the other hand, it will be good to learn more and get out together as well.

Well enough babbling,


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