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Friday, March 30, 2007

Fast tracking

Im still slightly in shock from this change of plans... it wasnt quite what I anticipated. I went from thinking it could be anywhere from now to 4 weeks from now, with the liklihood being toward the end of april and the 4 weeks to inducing in about 2 weeks. Okay I can deal with that, slightly freaking out with all I wanted to get done but okay 2 weeks isnt so bad and we can plan.

So I go in to my prenatal and discover that the doc is concerned enough bout the extra fluid to move it up an entire week. So now we are inducing this little guy on Sat april 7 bright and early in the morning. To say Im a little freaked out by this is an understatement. I think once the intial shock wears off and I begin the planning, it will settle down the freaking out lol. I now have a week to get everything all lined up and in a row. Add to this that this is easter weekend, and it complicates things a tad with peoples plans and whatnot.

But God is good and will give me the grace sufficient to accomplish what I need to and isnt surprised by this news at all, like I was. I am fairly surprised that they scheduled it for a saturday on a holiday weekend. The hospital in the cities wouldnt do that at all, less staff and whatnot.

Okay off to figure out what to do next lol.



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