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Monday, August 27, 2007

Why Im blogging right now

I really should be folding laundry, swatting flies, loading the dishwasher, washing walls, etc but right now my frustration vat is overfull. So I vacated the room that the particular offender was in.

Lets back up ... it didnt start with that one.
Oh no, they are triple tag teaming me today. First a group of offenders(3 in fact) proceeded to destroy neatly sorted piles of dirty laundry and clean winter clothes in an effort to paly hide and seek. Okay well , I probably could have overlooked the offense if they hadnt denied the crime.

Then the next tag team took their shot, their offense involved a book. Not just any book mind you, a library book that was checked on one offenders card, therefore invoking the sacred rule of "it belongs to me" Invoking the sacred rule means no other indivudual shall touch, look or even breath on said item. The other half of the tag team took offense to the invocation of the sacred rule and proceeded to mutiny for it. This mutiny involved kicking, pushing, punching and pinching, all while I was on the phone with the specialist nurse.

Oh the fun doesnt end there, mind you. In flies the most diligent of the fighters, attitude. This particular offenders attitude got him or her into triple the punishment. Sassy mouth earned another day of grounding, pretending to load the dishwasher earned another day, and the best, continued definance earned washing whatever dishes that didnt fit in the dishwasher by hand. See Im smiling now ...

I am hiding out in the living room versus the kitchen in which I should be making lunch. I have to admit typing this adventure out does help. Just for the record, they are all still alive and accounted for.

God is good ... all the time


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