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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Praising God from whom all blessings flow

Great news ... His head grew, praising God for this.

Even better, according to Dr.woods measurements (he had saw him at 6 weeks) his head on a normal growth curve. So not only is it growing but it is growing normally. He also took xray pictures of his skull and bones are not fused and everything is looking normal.

So if the head is growing, the next part of the equation to to figure why hes behind developmentally, so we arent out of the woods yet. BUT if the head is growing, IM not nearly so worried, since I expected him to be behind developmentally due to his early induction and rough start.
Im praising God for the growth!

It went from 38.9 cm (6 weeks) to 43 cm(almost 5 months). Now we calculated the centimeters into inches, since his last head measurement was done in inches at his family doctor. So it looks like in a month, its grown almost an inch from 16 to 16.8.

Not sure if the measurements at his 2 month visit were just off or if it just grew now or what. I will be taking the measurements from the specialist office into the family doc for sure and letting them know. The nurses at Gilette Childrens were great, efficient and measured twice!

It was rather interesting the way it was set up. They had separate rooms to just do height and weight, you started there, then went to the waiting room, and they didnt send you back to a doctor room til they knew he was ready to come in. The rooms were all color coded and numbered. Xray had their own subsection too. So we were able to get xrays, the appt and seeing the doctor twice all done within an hour.

He has laughed a couple of times now, not a lot but a little, so thats a praise too! And is now keeping his hands in fists only bout 50 percent of the time, where before it was around 75 %

Now for the not so good stuff, it was a different scale but still, it appears he has lost a half a pound. My little guy is long but way skinny, i can feel his hip bones and ribs etc. So this is not good at all. Though thanks to another discorvery tonite, I will be making an appt tomorrow or the end of this week. He looks like hes getting or has an umbilical hernia. I showed my husband and just said this totally is not funny. Seriously this kid cannot catch a break, not a literal one either. We dont need any more medical stuff!!!!

Other praises too though. God is so amazing, he provides above and beyond anything i expect. I had shared with a friend yesterday some of our recent struggles with finances,medical issues, life etc. I had let her know that with the decrease in income, it was a lot harder making food stretch than before. She indicated that when I dropped off the kids(she was babysitting Ezekiel and Zemirah during the appt) that she would have a couple of meal in the bag for us. Their church(her hubby is the awesome pastor in st paul) does food giveaways and meal in the bag stuff. So i thought maybe she would have 1 or 2 bags. We get there and it isnt 2 bags, it isnt 5 bags, its like 20 bags full of food. I mean our car trunk could not hold anymore. I literally cried at the provision that God had bestowed upon us. It turned out they had some food for us, other mutual came over and decided to give too, a 3rd family heard and felt impressed to give as well. What a mighty God we serve!

Here I am sitting and worrying how will i be able to provide meals for some other friends coming in this weekend and God answers with a mighty ROAR! It reminded me once again that we are to trust him and he will provide.

On top of this huge blessing, someone anounymously donated 40 dollars too. How can I doubt after that, how can i doubt that he hears my cry.

Its teaching the kids too as well. I put some gas in the van this afternoon. Ezekiel tells me "Mom,I prayed", I said "oh, what did you pray for". He responds with " I prayed for gas and we got it" . I see the wheels in his little head turning. I was so excited to tell the kids Gideon's head had grown because they all have been praying for that. What a lesson in learning to trust God for his provision, for his strength to endure when things get tough, for seeing God actively work.

All i can say is Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!


  • At 9:48 PM, Blogger Wendy said…

    Praise God, that's such wonderful news! God is SO good! :)


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