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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Company times 2

We had our good friends here last weekend. They arrived late thursday evening and stayed until late Tuesday evening. It was a very intense filled weekend. The men and occasionally some of the kids primarily worked on Katarina's new room while the women primarily held childcare duty, food detail and worked on going thru winter clothes.

The nice thing is I managed to purge over 10 boxes of clothes for a rummage sale, that I want to hold later this month. And I have put winter clothes in all 9 kids dressers!!! That is a huge accomplishment. Never before have I been this on top of the seasonal switch, granted, I still have summer clothes in circulation, as we still have warm days ahead. But it felt great to be able to get that task done with Michelle's help.

The kids got along great with no major fighting. That also was a major feat considering we had 4 extra kids in the house for five days. The big boys were also very creative;planning a movie to film, books to write, imaginary worlds to play in, etc. That was fun to see. The toddlers and preschoolers were happy to escape out into the sandbox or swing on the horsey swing. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and catching up on their lives as well.

The room project was a huge success! The room is completely transformed. It went from half unfinished walls, sagging ceiling, cinderblock walls and cement floor to a finished room painted in seaside blue(K's choice) with a laminete floor and a closet complete with shelves and a door. It looks great. K is beyond herself and cant wait to move in. She was frustrated that she couldnt move in immediatley thanks to paint fumes(no window in that room). There still are a few things yet to get done, things were a bit rushed at the end. Just little things though like painting the last inch between the ceiling and wall, putting up the closet rod and the light fixture. Katarina though is sooo excited to be able to finally have her own room at last. She is planning a tropical theme in there.

We also had some other company today. Friends from our old church in the cities. They had moved up to fergus falls around the same time we moved out here. I believe they moved a couple of months earlier. Previous to the move though, we had been building a relationship with them and the kids began calling them Grandpa and Grandma Al and Sue. They filled a gap in our kids lives that family hasnt been able to do. So we were so happy to see them today. They had not yet seen our new house, our newest arrival and all of the kids for over a year. So Zemirah was just a baby. Ariana didnt leave Grandpa Al's side most of the day, she is particulary attached to him. He wrestled with them, walked the luce line trail with Nathaniel and Elijah. Grandma helped peel and cut apples for applesauce, played scrabble with Katarina, Josiah and Zechariah. They also surprised us with a nice treat and took us out to supper at subway. It was a wonderful visit, catching up on things in each others lives. They seem to be enjoying their new town and being closer to their actual grandkids.

Praising God for all these people that God has put into our lives as our friends. May God richely bless them.



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