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Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer is officially over

Today was the first day of school. Normally it starts right after labor day but due to construction on all the schools in the district, it started a week later.

Today is probably the only day I didnt have to wake any of them up. In fact Katarina and Josiah beat andrew and I up since we overslept our alarm. The middle school kids bus was late but other than that, they all left without a hitch. Ariana repeatly asked is it time to go yet, can i go now? She was a bit excited. The other night, at open house, she went up to several people in the hallways cheerfully annoucing "Im a first grader!"

Nathaniel even dressed up for today. Apparently there is a family tradition that I dont know anything about. He claims we dress up for the first day. I guess quite often Josiah would dress up since he likes dress clothes, so the younger ones are just following suit. This actually is the first year Josiah didnt. It was sorta sad, as I know how much he likes dress clothes. But he said hed be laughed out of school if he did. Although hes likely right, its still rather sad.

We packed up backpacks yesterday, laid out outfits, found socks and shoes and everyone was raring to go.

Its unusually quiet here in the house. Zemirah and Ezekiel are coloring here with me in the living room. Gideon is down for a nap already this morning and the day yet stretches before me. I told the littles that we'd have a party, so maybe we make a cake lol! It will be a bit of an adjustment after having siblings doting upon them all summer long.

Im not sure all what we will do with our day, but I am looking forward to a more low key day. No running Josiah off to Cross country practice, no errands to run. Just the babysitting boy coming for a half hour today, so not bad. I was looking forward to today but it does feel a bit odd yet. Guess I will be more in prayer today for the school kids that are away.

God is good ... all the time


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