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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I forget

I forget that Gideon has Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome sometimes. For the most part(at least until now) it really hasnt affected him or us all that much. Sure his foot and leg were a littler fatter, affectionately referred to his fat leg and skinny leg. It sure didnt stop him from crawling, or pulling to stand this week. So I guess the out of sight out of mind syndrome.

While Gideon has been behind developmentally, he is steadily progressing, so the worry has lessoned over the last months. And when he started crawling and pulling up, my heart was so rejoicing for such normal milestones!

Times like a few weeks ago when I learned he will have to likely wear compression stockings for the rest of his life, Or today when i found out that with his wrapping or compression stockings, we will have to wrap or unwrap it every couple of hours(they said every diaper change); I remember. I remember that I do indeed have a special needs child. It may not be very severe and the challenges are nothing compared to some others but all the same his medical concerns outweigh normalcy.

I havent lost hope, God is still up on the throne. I know he will give us the strength and the endurance to help Gideon in the ways we can and grace will be given to Gideon to endure what we cant help.

Its just that some days, the differences stare at me in the face and its hard to look beyond them.

God is still good ... all the time, even when life throws a few dozen curveballs your way.


  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Jill H said…

    I added your blog address to my site at Let me know if you would prefer to have me take it off. My daughter has KT also. Its nice to read your musings. I remember rejoicing in my daughters crawling and walking also. Every case is different but its hard to find your way with this KT unless you learn from others that have it. Thank God for the internet.


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