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Monday, March 17, 2008

checking in~

It has been busy, (thanks for asking Amy!) and Gideon finally is taking a longer nap for once today. Since he has been mobile, hes constantly on the go. Knocking down papers, toys or cups of coffee-- really whatever is in his reach. He pulls up on everything including unstable baskets and falls down. I love to see him exploring but man is it exhausting. Its tough to get anything done as well. I try to fold laundry while hes exploring but he has penchant for pulling down piles of folded clothes.

We finally ordered teh furniture last weekend. I thought we were settled but Andrew feels we need to let one company have a chance to match price, so its still a bit up in the air right now. We also hunted down a toilet, vanity cabinet and cupboard and electrical outlets for the new wall. In addition to that we picked up a bed up in wyoming,mn off of craigslist. Its really nice oak loft bunks with a desk, dresser and bookcase built in. Two beds done-- two more to go! We are still on the hunt for a captains bed for Josiah, daybed for katarina, and two sturdy dressers as well as a tv stand that can hold a gigantic tv lol!

A little bit more running this week, audiologist appt for Josiah,and a speech evaluation for Gideon.

Good news though, the contrator started work this morning -- woohoo! Thats a praise, his estimate is that he will be finished in two weeks. If we go with the orginal furniture company we chose, the furniture was all on hand, so we could get it right away!

Thats all for now folks, the monkey boy is awake!



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