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Friday, March 07, 2008

Woohoo -- the end of the week!

Today is the last scheduled therapy day. I am sooo thankful for that. With missing two of the visits this week, I had figured they would have to be made up. The therapist is impressed with how well we are learning this all, so she thinks we are good to go. We wont go back til his stocking comes in, in two weeks. It will be nice to have our days somewhat back to normal.

I have a huge praise. We ended up going with a stocking that isnt the free one provided to kids, since with his age, t hey recommended a different one. The praise though, is that our insurance will cover it 100 percent. Not only that, he can get one per month during a rolling 12 month year. He should only need two, so that i can wash one while he wears the other. They tend to last for 6 months. Im relieved though to have the option of more if he majorly grows during the year. It wont come in for two weeks since it has to be made in Germany.

Gideon will still need the massage therapy 2-3 times a day but once he has the stocking, it will pretty much stay on all day. Then he will wear a quilted one at night.

The settlement is all squared away, now its negoitating a reasonable price with the contrator to do the work. We ran into a cub scout family last night at the boys play and found out her husband does this type of work as well. So if we dont hear from the restoration company soon, I will start investigating other options. Its nice to have a little more control over this aspect of the situation.

This weekend will mark 4 full weeks since the flood. Its been a loong month! Zechariah really misses his room and bed and is struggling to make nice with his siblings. I think everyone is pretty tired of being on top of each other.

God is good all the time


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    You must be busy lately! I miss your posts.


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