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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rough day

It was snowing this morning, so I had to leave extra early to account for the slippery roads. I dropped the kids off at the sitters at 850 and was on the road by 9 am. I arrived in minneapolis around 1020 to pick up Andrew and head to therapy.

We get there to find out the receptionist made a mistake and canceled his appt for today. Um, well to say I wasnt happy was a bit of an understatment. Somehow when I canceled Tuesdays appt cause he was sick, she thought i said 2 days. So not only did he not have a appt, his regular therapist was out sick, so no hope of squeezing in either.

Now she apologized and even went a step further and gave us a 10 dollar target card and some caferteria cards. So they genuienly were trying to make it up to us.

I just had a really hard time reconciling that I drove in today for nothing. I didnt get home til 1230, so it was 3 and half hours that just felt wasted. Not to mention unfair to Gideon to be stuck in the car for the majority of the time. As well as I had andrew drive the big van in , so i could have the car, so extra gas to boot.

Im still struggling to be thankful for the compensation they gave us, still struggling to see the good in all this. In fact it upset me a lot. Now im sure there are other stress factors in play that make this seem worse.

Im trying to give it up to God and well frankly I still want to be mad about it all and the fact that I lost half a day to this. Guess i need to pray some more on it.



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