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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Stuff lol

Havent blogged for a few days so I have many random topics floating thru my head. So I just decided to start typing and let some of it out.

I currently have a 14 yr old daughter in 8th grade due to when her birthday falls. She currently has boys calling her . For the record, Im not sure Im exactly okay with this phenomenen. I know I will have to get used to it and things will change, rules and guidelines will come into play as well. There is the age factor in play right now too. 3 yrs between someone 18 or older isnt a big deal; a 3 yr age gap at age 14 is.

We have paid off another credit card. Woohoo! Operation debt is well under way. To date we have paid off 7 cards, 2 just this year already. God is good all the time. Only 5 more to go. I have signficant hope that we will be able to either reduce one greatly or pay it off completely by the end of the year. God took us through a really rough 18 months and we are just now beginning to come out on the other side. Again I cant say it enough, God is good. He helped us endure the tough stuff, the change in habits and then allowed many blessings to come our way to ease the financial strain. Praising God for all his blessings today.

Still waiting on final negotiations for the restoration of our basment. We have preliminary numbers and overall we are okay with those. A little lower on the restoration side than I hoped but higher on the personal property side, so it all works out. We are just waiting mainly on finding out what they plan on giving us for the hours we put into working this claim by cleaning,sorting, organizing,photographing, cataloguing and researching. The insurance company was the one who told us to log our hours in the first place. Hoping we can start work early this week. The appliance repairman will come out tommorrow to do a check on teh washer and dryer. Both work(Thank God) but we are covering our bases especially since the insurance company wants to do a one time payout.

Busy week ahead with therapy appts for Gideon on Tuesday thru friday. That involves and 4.5 hour trip including drive and appt time. It really sucks up a good portion of the entire day. Thanking God that i dont have to go tommorrow, although his home therapist will be here tommorrow plus the appliance repairman so not entirely a free day.

I got to go out to eat with hubby last night. REally enjoyed some time to talk. We were able to do a suprise blessing for someone as well, really enjoyed that too! Finished out the evening with malts at home watching some movies. It was really nice. I have an awesome husband who works really hard and is going to graduate school as well. Yet this morning he took time to braid my hair. A little thing , yes, but it really was appreciated and meant a lot to me. Its the little things that make me fall in love with him all over again. We will celebrate 15 yrs of marriage this may!

God is good ... all the time



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