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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lots of details

I feel like we have been cosumed up by our basement and the subsquent concerns with it. Between contract negotiations, choosing paint colors, and the various other aspects, it takes a lot of time and effort. Currently we are working on choosing furniture and beds.

We found a set that we both like. Its up on 4 inch legs, which satifies Andrews concern, that if it ever floods again, we have a chance to salvage them. And I like the chocolate brown look, so we both are happy! And the color for that room will be go-go-marigold, which is a yellow, sorta yellow orange color.

The bathroom will be bay city blue, really bright! And I picked up my frog decor that I wanted as well! Some of this is kinda fun, picking out colors and new furniture. Its the legwork, comparing prices, stores, options against each other that isnt so much fun. For example for the same furniture we want:sofa,loveseat, two chairs and an ottoman, we have 3 different prices for that set. Hennens offered us 1899, factory direct offered us 1799, Becker offered 1960 and then price matched and came down to 1761 and change. So its worth checking around, its just a lot of phone calling and shopping and comparing.

The boys want red and blue, 2 walls of each but we arent sure we can swing that with our restoration estimate. So they might have to settle on one color. Katarina already picked her color when we redid her room months ago, so shes sticking with the same color. Now we are on the hunt for the right chair, comfy, funky and the right color. Shes got an image to protect you know lol!

We havent even begun investigaging carpet options ... aaack!

We got the permit for the wall, but that wasnt easy either. We still need to get ahold of the electrical inspector as well. On an upnote, our fireplace is fixed, praise God! The electrician also got the outlets working as well. The pot lights in the ceiling were not an easy fix, so we elected to not have him cut open the ceiling at this time. It is so nice to be able to use our fireplace again though. Cant wait until the whole room is finished!

So the wall should get framed in tommorrow. We reached an agreement with the contractor on doing the sheetrock and painting on it, so thats another praise.

Found this post saved in my drafts. Didnt even get to finish, Im assuming Gideon was getting inot something again lol.



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