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Friday, March 21, 2008

Lightly snowing

I went out and measured and we are up to 6 inches already and its still snowing lightly. The weather reports indicate we could get potentially up to 3 inches more. Nothing like going out like a lamb I guess.

We just had a taste of some nice 40-50 degree days this week, so a major snowstorm wasnt on the agenda!

Hoping for a low key weekend. We still have some furniture purchases to make but Im not sure when we will go out and do that.

I really have been dragging lately. Two sick kiddos getting up in the night doesnt really help either. Gideons doenst seem to be pneumonia, so they didnt prescribe anything. Zemirah has an ear infection and a nasty cough, so Ill go pick up the bubble gum medicine soon. Hopefully that will help her get some sleep, so i can get some sleep!

God is good all the time! Remember He is risen!



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