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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tired and drained of energy, thats how I have been feeling lately. Its been a month and half since the sewage flood and by the time the restoration is finished, it will be almost 2 months. That feels like a long time even though it really isnt.

But between inspectors, electricians and contractors we are hopping around here. Throw in some medical appts for the kids and we really have fun.

Their spring break starts this friday and goes thru Tuesday. Im looking forward to that a little at least. Maybe i can play some games with the kids.

Its really nice out today, just dont have much enthusiam or energy for a walk. Im hoping Gideon falls asleep here shortly since Zemirah is already asleep. Then Ill snuggle up with Ezekiel for a rest!

I tried posting this earlier but blogger wasnt cooperating.
God is good all the time



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