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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its amazing

What a little sleep will do for your mood. I didnt wake up with the urge to throttle my darling children :) In fact I made them all give me hugs in order to get a vitamin, such a mean mom I am. In a pretty good mood this morning, I got a chance to go back to bed after hubby went off to work. Mostly cause I was dealing with some hip/joint pain and I thought laying down might help, which it did somewhat.

Already switched over the laundry load and somewhat motivated to get a bunch of laundry done at least today. Maybe ... I can scrub the bathroom too if i get really motivated. Its just so hard to bend down or over at this point. I almost have to sit on the floor just to load my front loader washer, its just such a pain to pick up the piles of laundry to stick in there. Almost always causes braxton hicks at this point.

Looks to be another bright sunny day today, maybe Ill venture out for that walk that I didnt take yesterday!

God is good ... all the time


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