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Saturday, March 17, 2007

WWF Smackdown

I left the 5 oldest home last night with instructions to get the house in order, so they could have a "free" Saturday. I didnt have to work and wasnt planning on going to the 2nd part of the conference I went to on friday night. I get home and while it wasnt trashed, it most certainly wasnt in order. Dishes in the sink, koolaid and crumbs on the table, most chore rooms full of clutter.

So that meant a little drill sargeant was in order today. The kids and I managed to get the entired house cleaned well in about 4 hrs. They scrambled near the end cause they expected Andrew to call and check around noon. He had went to the conference and told them he'd come home if they got it done. Unfortunely he forgot what he said and lost track of time, so he didnt call.

Its been a long morning and really dragging keeping them all on task. I cleaned alongside them, doing things like sorting toys, pulling out old ones, loading the dishwasher and assigning tasks. so Im beat mentally and physically, body is extremely sore. Not sure what Im going to do with the afternoon, esp since andrew is staying longer at the conference. Im near tears trying to get the last bit finished and the kids settled down for some quiet play.



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