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Monday, September 29, 2008

Really lost

My datebook still hasnt appeared. Its now worth 2 bucks to whoever manages to find it. Though I expect, with most things that are lost around here, Ill be the one to find it. Im feeling rather lost without knowing quite what to expect for the week. I have a broad idea of what was on the calandar and a few things listed on the big calandar.

I need to figure out Gideons therapy schedule most of all. So i made some calls about that, so i can recreate it. And I guess I need to look into getting another datebook if it doesnt show up by midweek. This just reinforces that I need to have things written in both places , the datebook and the wall calandar.

Lots to get done this week. Need to get the house back in order after a crazy weekend, need to get the lawn mowed, laundry done and caught up, make sure everything is packed and ready for our trip out of town, need to get Zemirah and I's haircut and the list goes on and on. Just details, mostly related to us going out of town for the weekend. Still need to purchase a wedding gift and the like.

Ill have my prenatal appt thurs afternoon and find out if i get the final okay for travel. Doc tentively approved me going last week but wanted a final check this week first. I really hope I can go, we were all looking forward to this trip as a family and it wont be quite the same to split up and only half go.

well thats all for now, need to get cleaning!



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