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Friday, September 26, 2008

Slightly lost

My datebook has gone awol for the past two days, so Im feeling slightly adrift and wondering am I missing something. I used to rely solely on a big wall calandar and I do write stuff on that still but the majority of everything is written in my datebook.

I switched to that, when I had to schedule many doctor appts for Gideon and Id come home only to look at the wall calandar and realized I double booked again. This way, generally speaking anyway, I keep it in my purse and with me the majority of the time. Its much more helpful then, i can look oh do i have a CC meet or therapy that day or whatever.

Im bout to offer a reward of 50 cents or a dollar for the first kid who finds it :) Gideon likes the picture of our family on the front, so he takes it quite often and leaves it places. It really could be anywhere in the house, but most likely buried under something.

Today I need to hit the laundry and dishes and get the general picking up done for the weekend. We need to get some shopping in so we can find some nice wedding outfits for the kiddos and plan to attend a showing of the new movie fireproof. Still working out details on all of that. Another jam packed weekend it looks like!

If the doc gives the final okay on thurs afternoon, we leave for Andrews brothers wedding on Friday morning. The kids are excited to swim and get to stay in a hotel again. Should be a nice little getaway thats not too far away!

Well thats all for now folks


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