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Friday, October 10, 2008

Hoping for a productive day

Gideons therapist canceled for today and IM pretty happy bout that. While its only an hour appt, it really seems to break up the day and motivation loop. So that pretty much leaves me a day at home ... I so need one!

I will still have to pick up the big kids from various practices but thats not til after school. I really need to tackle laundry and IM hoping to start organizing my room so i can move the cradle in there.

Had my prenatal yesterday, no more dilation, but more effacing. So the contractions are actually accomplshing somthing lol. And my childcare arrangements for delivery are starting to come together, just need a few more back up people and we will be good to go. So i need to type that all up, and type up the call list for after baby girl is born.

Well enough for now, im on a spider hunt, Zemirah is freaked out by one in her room!



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