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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

we're back and the car that never dies

It was a good weekend. The getting ready was a bit crazy but I managed to accomplish most of what I wanted done before we left.

Only forget one thing for the trip, Zemirah's dress for the wedding. Good thing I had her backup dress packed, same colors choc brown and pink, but just a different pattern. That was pretty good. Although we did forget all the swimming suits in the dryer at the hotel on sunday morning. Thankfully, his brother rescued them for us before he left on his honeymoon.

It was nice seeing some of Andrews family that we hadnt seen for awhile. And since the majority of the family stayed the same hotel, we had some nice conversations over continental breakfast. And absolutely lovely seeing aunt ruth again. Shes just as spunky in spirit as she ever was, although age on taken a toll on her body. The wedding was nice, and the bonus was it was short(I was a little concerned over Gideon staying quiet, I bribed him with food) We even managed to get a family picture taken, so that was awesome!

Its nice being back home. My datebook never showed up, so i purchased another and began recreating my calandar. Today is double appts at a clinic in the cities. It is nice they booked them back to back for me, so I only have to make one trip in but it does make for a longer day for sure. Im looking forward to talking with his developmental doctor and seeing where he is on the progress chart.

The busyness continues with practices and the like. Josiah will be running varsity for the rest of the season, thus a few more practices and one more meet than I orginally thought. This week he will run conference in Kimball and then next week is our home invitational and sectionals either next week or the week after. Hes still contemplating whether he signs up for running. Katarina got into the fall musical, bye bye birdie, so her practices is starting for that as well. Football is almost over, two more games and 1 more practice -woohoo! And scouting is starting up as well.

Our car has been acting up for several months now, dying at stop signs and the like. It would always restart but it was challenging to drive at times. Well we delayed getting it into the shop, expecting the repair to be 200 dollars or more, and we just didnt have that with all the school supplies, clothes and stuff like that. So we finally had the funds, take it in last friday. Mechanic calls yesterday and says " It was a $1.39 part". Im like no way! With labor and the part, it the whopping total came to 37 dollars. God is good ... all the time. We really should have known better, this is like the 3rd time, we expected a big repair and its been a much simpler fix. It will now be known as the car that never dies lol.

We were at the point with the car that we had to decide if it was worth fixing or not. It has 194,000 miles on it, its over 10 yrs old and the body is in really rough shape. It has been a really good little car. So its good it still has some life in it!

Well enough babblings,


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