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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Broken toes oh my!

Zemirah broke the toe bone at the base of her big toe yesterday. She dropped a chair onto it as she was climbing. They didnt cast it, but she is to wear sandals constantly for two weeks to give a stable base for the toe not to move so much. Yesterday she was walking on it but this morning she doesnt really want to go anywhere. Its nicely colored with blues and purples now and Im sure really sore , as she keeps exclaiming "owie" as she tries to manuever.

Yesterday at the docs office, she kept saying "foot hurt" it was so heartbreaking. If she isnt going to walk much today, it indeed will be a long day carrying her around. Right now shes content to play iwth some legos at the table but Im sure that wont last too long.

Had all of the kids home due to a teacher workshop day yesterday and hubby came home really sick in the morning. Thankfully whatever it was he ate or caught, cleared up with rest and he was feeling tons better by evening. With how yucky he looked in the morning when he got home, I was fearing the worst:The Dreaded Flu. God is good though, and hes back at work today feeling much better.

We ended the crazy day with a family movie night and homemade pizzas. We started a tradition a few yrs ago now and dont get to do it as often as we would like but we divide the pizzas up into quarters and all the kids get to pick their own toppings. Its a lot more work that way, but they have fun making "their own pizzas".

Todays adgenda, providing the motrin i gave Zemirah kicks in, is laundry and dishes and all the work i didnt get done yesterday. Besides the doc appt, I needed to run to walmart for a few groceries and the sandals for Zemirah. Well today is a new day!

God is good ... all the time!


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