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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Zman

I used to call him "riah roo", he used to be round as a butterball turkey, he was my first 9 lb baby. Now hes smart as a whip, reads with a passion and no longer is that little butterball. Hes actually the skinniest of all the kids which is really funny since at a year he was the chunkiest one I had. Still has the big head ... suppose he needs for all his brain power. Zechariah loves math, loves to read(currently has the highest ar record for his school i think) and definitely loves video games.

He loves those so much he seems to get into a perpetual grounding from overdoing them, or doing them without permission. Zechariah definitely is more like me in choosing to stay in and read or play a video game rather than go outside. He will though venture out with his brothers some of the time.

He was born on a sunday afternoon. I got up that moming and was having timeable contractions, I went on to make my family french toast and call my friend sarah to come get the kids. I was determined to stay at home to labor as long as possible, so that I did. I laid down to try to rest thru them in the afternoon, finally got up, as rest wasnt happening and called the hospital. The contractions were stronger but no closer together, so I wanted them to break the water. They balked at that a bit, finally got a doctor to sign off on it and they broke the water at 3 pm. He came flying out( 2 pushes) later at 345 pm. Nothing like hey Im here moment.

He was 9 lbs 1 oz. I remember some negotiating after delivery, I wanted Charles as the middle name after my grandfather and andrew didnt. He finally said yes as long as he could spell "Zechariah" with an E.

Happy 9th Birthday Zechariah!


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